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For the thousandth time: no, you do not need to sell your home to get Medicaid! Addressing this and other myths told by nursing home social workers and Medicaid caseworkers.

This week I met with a client and had a conversation that I have had at least a thousand times (or it felt that way). The client (we will call her Jean) was power of attorney for her mother, who … Continue reading

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A recent change in Family Care policies can make a BIG difference for married couples – read on…

On June 10, 2016, Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services updated its Medicaid Eligibility Handbook (called the “MEH” for short, and that is a pretty good description of how it usually makes me feel to read it.) This update changes the … Continue reading

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Death and Dying

Nobody really wants to spend time talking about death and dying. But inevitably we must. Usually, we don’t spend enough time on the subject. It’s been a year since my mother, Velma,  died last January. I think of her every … Continue reading

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What Governor Walker’s Proposed Change to Promissory Notes Means

Governor Walker’s 2015-2017 budget proposal contains a change to one particular area of Medicaid planning involving the use of promissory notes. While this is relatively minor compared to the chaos of the 2013-15 budget, it is worth a passing comment. … Continue reading

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Governor Walker’s Budget Proposal Contains Radical Change to Family Care Without Input From Consumers (And Provides Another Glimpse Into Walker’s Way of Doing Business)

Or, Thompson and Walker approach long term care redesign in entirely different ways – A tale of then vs now. Governor Walker’s proposed Wisconsin budget for the 2015-2017 biennium contains a major overhaul of the Family Care System. This proposal … Continue reading

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Timing is everything…

In understanding the ins and outs of Medicaid and divestment, timing is everything. Divestment is the concept that if you give away your assets with the intention of becoming eligible for Medicaid, the gift will cause you to be ineligible … Continue reading

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10 important points about irrevocable Medicaid trusts

With the State’s drastic changes to estate recovery, there has been  a corresponding  increase in the number of clients for whom an irrevocable trust becomes an attractive option for Medicaid planning. At the same time, over the course of my … Continue reading

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Medicaid Myths Part Two: Divestment and Millionaires

This article will delve into the second major area of misunderstanding in Medicaid: Divestment. Divestment is the term for the broad concept that if a person gives away money or other assets for the purpose of becoming eligible, a penalty … Continue reading

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Breaking news! Legislation repeals some of the worst of Governor Walker’s Medicaid recovery expansion.

On Thursday, November 14, 2013, the legislature passed an update to the Wisconsin Trust Code. This update has been in the works for well over a year now. However, at the last minute, the bill that had been crafted as … Continue reading

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Four Things Families Can Do Now to Prepare for the New Medicaid Estate Recovery Laws

Now that the new Medicaid laws are in effect, what can be done? I’m going to talk about that over the course of the next several weeks. This post will deal with the estate recovery part of the new law. … Continue reading

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