About Carol J. Wessels

I have been practicing elder law for about 22 years now.  I have worked with seniors and disabled individuals and their families as a lawyer in non-profit settings and in private practice. Mostly, I counsel clients and families about eligibility for long term care benefits like Medicaid and Family Care. I also handle contested litigation in cases involving guardianship, elder abuse, fiduciary litigation and similar issues. I handle appeals in all areas of elder law and public benefits. Working with lawyers who represent people getting personal injury awards is also part of my practice, and I set up special needs trusts and Medicare Set Aside arrangements. I am the owner of Wessels Law Office LLC. Our website is www.wesselslawoffice.com.

My mother, Velma, died from Alzheimer’s disease on Jan. 24, 2015. She and my dad lived with me when he was in the final stages of cancer. My brothers and I worked together to address Mom’s issues and needs. Becoming a family caregiver changed my perspective on some of the issues I dealt with in my work. It opened my eyes to the challenges that families face.  The picture on my user ID is of my mom and me, when I completed my first triathlon in 2008.

This blog constitutes my personal viewpoint, it is not legal advice or representative of any position taken by my firm or other associations I belong to. It’s just me, saying what I believe.

I would like to encourage anyone who visits this page, to become aware of the growth in Alzheimer’s that we are going to see over the next three decades, with the growing need for long term care that comes with this terrible disease.  We cannot ignore this. We need to start making the necessary changes in our medical and social services to handle the growth we will see. Please educate yourselves by visiting www.alz.org and supporting your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter.

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