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Wisconsin’s New Estate Recovery Laws for Community-based Care Discriminate Against People Who Only Need a Little Care, and Will Force People into Nursing Homes Sooner.

One of the hidden changes in Wisconsin’s Estate Recovery law has to do with the formula for how the State will recover the costs of care for people who are able to receive long term care in the community. The … Continue reading

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A recent Wisconsin appellate case is a reminder that if you love your pets, you need to plan for them.

For years I have written and lectured about the importance of considering your pets in your estate planning. A recent case from the Wisconsin Court of Appeals illustrates why. For this blog, my adopted dog Summer will also comment. The … Continue reading

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Why Wisconsin’s Family Care Program May Force Some People into Nursing Homes

Today’s blog goes past the recent budget changes, to talk about an issue that is concerning to the families of Alzheimer’s patients, and that is not commonly known. Because of the problem I am about to discuss, people who could … Continue reading

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